Here are some frequently asked questions about the use of sealing wax and wax gun, as well as my corresponding answers + a selection of e-mails received and answers to them.
How to use wax sealing?

The ideal is to have a wax gun, it does not cost very expensive, see the online shop. In the case of stick wax being used, the wax stick must not be burnt directly with a bright flame, the material will blacken and black impure particles will settle on the wax. The method is to cut a piece of wax by being suspicious of the projections – the material is brittle in cold – take a volume of about one cubic centimeter. Gently melt the piece of wax by putting it in a tablespoon (to be sacrificed or reserved for this use only), put the end of the spoon over the flame of a candle. Be careful not to burn yourself by holding the spoon at the other end, if necessary by protecting your fingers. For large quantities, the use of a saucepan also devoted to this purpose and containing the pieces of broken wax, can be heated to the “bain marie”. Once the wax is hot, it becomes pasty, then pour several drops, the value of a knob of melted wax to the desired place (which you will have kept horizontal). It is best to deposit a slightly lower amount of wax on the surface than the diameter of the seal used. Let cool a little, not very long, then affix the brass seal firmly and without moving it for 10 to 20 seconds and remove it.

How to use the wax gun ?
The wax gun, small model or professional is the ideal tool for regular use. It allows the sealing wax to be poured by seal, with a pasty consistency which allows to form the seal in a controlled and controlled way. On the other hand the non-use of the flame to melt the wax is a guarantee of safety. 1. The wax gun can be used to seal all surfaces of paper, wood, plastic, cloth, cardboard ….
2. It can also be used to make free forms, stencil, knife ….

What you need to know
1. The wax liquefies at a temperature of 85 ° C and shall not be used for objects not resistant to such temperature.
2. sealing surfaces must be free of grease, dry and clean.
3. Disconnect the gun if it is not used for more than 30 minutes.
4. After changing the wax stick, wait a few moments for it to warm up. Do not force it.
5. Small particles of wax may be removed with a knife whose tip has been previously heated. The drops can be easily removed once cooled.
6. By pressing too hard on the wax stick, the channel may become clogged. In this case, heat the gun for 10 minutes and remove the stick. If the stick is pushed in too deeply, take a new one, melt one end on the nozzle, insert it into the channel and stick it to the already stuck stick and then remove it by turning slightly.
1. Insert the wax stick into the ring on the back of the wax gun.
2. Place the gun on cardboard or on a wooden panel.
3. Plug in. Heat for 7 to 10 minutes, pressing the trigger from time to time so that the wax stick is sufficiently inserted (if necessary, insert a second wax stick).
4. Gently press the trigger to apply the wax to one of the surfaces to be sealed. It is not necessary to spread the wax.
5. Immediately apply a strong pressure with the sealing seal.
6. Disconnect the power supply from the gun after completion.
7. After 2 minutes, the wax seal will be perfectly formed.

I would like to order your ideal kit for wedding announcements. A little precision: what font do you use for initials? Can we send you the font used on the announcement, or even the logo drawn by our graphic designer? Thank you for your reply Sincerely, S.S.
Hello, Thank you for your contact and your visit on the site www.gravure-marseille.com The calligraphy used to engrave the seal of the kit is of the English letter as it is represented in the photos of the site. If you want me to use your calligraphy, choose not the kit, but “seal with logo” in the desired dimension and download your composition when ordering. You will need to complete your purchase by the small wax gun and the desired number of wax blister. Sincerely soon. Thank you for these details and for your responsiveness. Another small question: how many seals can be made with each tube of wax? thank you in advance Hello again, Here is a small table which takes again according to the dimension of the seal the quantity of seals realizable (approximately)

1 stick 6 stick, 1pack
15mm 10 seals 60 seals
20mm 8 seals 48 seals
25mm 6 seals 36 seals
30mm 5 seals 30 seals
35mm 4 seals 24 seas

Hello, I get married in September and I would love to put a wax seal on the wedding shares. Would it be possible to have 2-3 test copy of seal with 2 and 3 initials (AW, A and W) in diameter 25mm red burgundy? WH.

Hello, Thank you for visiting www.gravure-marseille.com and your contact. All the seals I make are made after order and individually. I propose to you as an attachment a project with the scale of your seal 25 mm AW. You can then place an order in the BOUTIQUE of the site www.gravure-marseille.com Delay 2/3 days Payment by PAYPAL (secure payment) Please accept my best regards. Hello, Thank you for your reply. Could you send us a project with 3 initials (A & W) ditto in 25 mm please? A question of my fiancée: the 2 packages of wax supplied with the seal box + pistol make it possible to realize how many wax seals? Sincerely, W. and A. Hello, Here is a new choice of projects. With two wax blisters, (2×6 sticks) you will be able to carry 70 seals approximately. Please accept my best regards.

Subject: information for quote Hello, I wish to have a seals with the logo attached as it is to offer, With a budget of about 100 € I would like to know what diameter it would take to be visible (20, 25 or 30 mm) and if you propose kit with gun and wax sticks. Cordially A.O
Hello, Your seal is achievable in 25 mm You will need to attach to your order the small wax gun and 1 wax blister (color to choose) The shipping costs are added at the end of the automatic order according to the weight (Colissimo followed) The delivery time is 48H00 + 48H00. You can place your order directly on the site www.gravure-marseille.com in the SHOP section. Sincerely soon.

Hello, We are a company based in the 06, and would like to make a stamp to the logo and / or initials of our company, would you have an already existing catalog with sizes and prices, to submit? Looking forward to reading and thanking you in advance, Cordially. V. A. Marketing Manager

Hello, Thank you for your contact, I do not have a paper catalog. You can find this information in the BOUTIQUE of the site www.gravure-marseille.com by following this link: http://www.gravure-marseille.com/boutique.php Sincerely, See you soon,

Hello, I bought you recently: – a pack of six red wax sticks for pistol – a packet of 5 gold wax sticks. For red wax, I do not encounter any problem and am satisfied with my purchase. On the other hand, I can not use golden wax. At each test, the wax remains stuck to my seal. However, I was careful to use the seal when it was cold. Can you advise me on: – How do I clean my seal correctly? – How to use wax to wick without sticking to the seal? Thank you in advance for your reply, Sincerely, Mr. B.

Hello Mr. B., I acknowledge receipt of your message. If the sealing wax of the wax stick sticks to your seal it is probably because the flame of the wick heats the wax too much. You can soak your seal in gasoline (white spirit), or alcohol to burn, the wax will dissolve and the seal will be cleaned. Then, if necessary, with an old toothbrush you can brush the remaining wax in the engraving, and if necessary you can scratch the seal with a wooden tooth-style cure tooth, especially not metal to avoid scratching seal. When you make a seal, you must ensure that the seal is very cold, after 2 or 3 seals, the brass of the seal has warmed up on contact with the sealing wax, and the wax does not harden sufficiently on its contact. Can no longer remove it and the wax sticks to the seal. It is necessary to cool the seal every two or three seals by dipping it in a glass of cold water or by rubbing it on an ice cube, then wiping it to remove the water before using it again. To reduce the risk of sticking the wax to the seal, a tip consists of counting up to 15 before applying the seal to the wax. The wax will be firmer and less likely to remain attached to the seal. Regards,

Hello, Are there any Brown wax sticks? Thanks G. R.
Hello, Currently I do not have this color in stock. I can supply it, but I would need a minimum order of 5 boxes of 770 g box. If you want a particular PANTONE color, I can make the color without supplement but always with a minimum order of 5 boxes. The deadline would be 15 days. Receive my best greetings.

Hello, We want to close our wedding shares by a wax seal. However one wonders how to not tear one of the two sides (there will be pictures on it) announcements at the time of opening … Can you inform us before we buy the material? Thank you in advance, J. and N.

Hello, Thank you for visiting www.gravure-marseille.com and your contact. Indeed the wax seals are made to close, seal ………, at the opening you tear the paper .. !! The solution may be to choose adhesive wax seals, or to make them yourself by ordering me the necessary material. Please receive my best wishes. See you soon.

Hello Sir, Looking on the internet, I came across your site, which I have to admit made me strong impression. I am writing to you to know if it was possible to carry out a seal engraving for wax seal with 1 simple logo of diameter 25 mm according to the attached photos (a photo with logo encrypted and one with the logo in full) . In case this is feasible, is it possible to have the custom stamp with our logo as well as the colored wax sticks and the heating gun? I could see that there were kits for sale on your site but I prefer to see directly with you. In anticipation of your reply, I ask you to receive, Sir, the expression of my distinguished greetings. Sincerely, Mr B. G.
Hello Mr. B, Thank you for visiting www.gravure-marseille.com and your contact. One or the other of your logos is possible You have to choose in the SHOP “seal 25 mm with logo” and to download to me the file selected when the system requests it. For the wax and the wax gun you also have the possibility to choose in the tab “Wax to cache”. Sincerely soon,

Hello, I want to make a seal with the following text then the kit of use can you give me a quote? The text will be ” Happy Birthday Laurence” the purpose being to seal it on an envelope and leaves …. Thank you in advance
Hello, Thank you for your contact,
You can choose the “kit 2 first names 25 mm” http://www.gravure-marseille.com/product_info.php?cPath=21_27&products_id=60When entering the text to insert, Enter: “Happy birthday Laurence” Soon,

Hello, I am looking for a seal that allows me to “print” a hollow bird on a clod of butter for breakfasts in our ecolodge. Is that something you realize? If not, would you contact me? Thank you very much and very nice end of the day! Sincerely, Laurence

Hello, Yes your seal is achievable, In the shop of the site www.gravure-marseille.com choose “Brass relief stamps”, You will thus print the hollow pattern in the butter root. If you take a normal seal, engraved in the brass, by printing in the butter the pattern will emerge in relief inside its round base (see photos of wax seals). Best regards

Good evening, I contacted you this morning for information on tampons. I would like to know if it is possible to write in Arabic. I’m waiting for your reply so we can confirm your order. Cordially. M.E.
Hello, Yes, it is possible to write in Arabic, You will give me the text, which I shall treat like a drawing. On the other hand I do not understand the Arabic, I do not know to speak it, nor to write it …… !! It will only be necessary to verify the project which I will submit to you. Regards,
Good evening, We send you as attachment both models In Latin script: this will be “xxxxxxx” (with the same writing as possible if possible) In Arabic: the drawing that gave you what means halal (only in Arabic and not in French) This will be for 4 stamps each with a different shape: -1 square of 5 * 5 cm -1 rectangle of 5 * 6.5 cm -1 round of 6 cm -1 octagonal of 6cm I do not know if you are working by computer but would it be possible to send us the models before ordering to see if it suits us or if we have to review our drawings or measurements? cordially

Hello, I would like to know if you can make engravings of coat of arms on a signet ring of man? And what are your prices for the realization of this work? Thank you in advance for your answer. Cordially E.P.

Hello, No, I do not engrave the coat of arms on signet. Get close to a heraldic engraver. Regards,

Hello, I make porcelain jewelry and I sign my pieces, for that I would like a buffer of 10mm maximum (reference: R101 IN tex) but with MD the two letters hung (it is so that it holds the minimum place So far I have made a stamp or the second leg of the M was used to make the D. Can you tell me if that would be possible in English letter and how much would it cost me? Waiting for an answer and thanking you. cordially
Hello, If you have the possibility to send me a photo or a drawing, I will be able to make a project for you. Regards,

Hello, I would like to seal the announcements of my wedding with a seal with the initials of the names of my fiance Y …, my first name D … and the surname that we will soon share S … .. I would like letters d ‘ A nice old typography but I do not know how this happens to do it on your site. I wanted to place an order and went in “text to insert” but where to choose the form of engraving etc … This is quite urgent because I have to send quickly do_part, from the validation of the order, what are the Time? Cordially. D. P.

Hello, Thank you for visiting www.gravure-marseille.com The seals proposed on the site are realized with my usual characters, in general it is the character “English” that is chosen by the customers. The composition is done by me, and I try to distribute the texts harmoniously. If you want a special calligraphy you have to choose “seal with logo” and download your composition project. Note that the seal you want (Y D S ….) Requires a seal with a minimum dimension of 25 mm (Choose: “seal with two first names”) The deadline for completion is two days + 2 days deadline for Colissimo. Sincerely soon.

Hello Mr. Dominique Chaine, Have you recently had a phone call from my dad, for creating a seal or even can be two? Subject: footprint of Marseille soap. You have linked the logo for the seal for a width of 3,5 cm Can you send me your estimate for 1 and 2 seals. Thank you in advance, My sincere greetings F.V.

Hello, I had your father on the phone several times. Attention to the definitions: Seal = metal stamp with engraving for “relief printing” Embossed stamp = metal stamp with relief engraving for “intaglio printing” Receive my cordial greetings,

Hello, I would like to order a stamp for the announcements of my wedding. I wanted to know if you could make a stamp for the end of May, to send to Switzerland … Because we would like to send our announcements in June. Enclosed: the logo that we would like to have on our stamp. Thank you in advance for your answer! I. T.
Hello, Thank you for visiting www.gravure-marseille.com The manufacturing time is 4/5 days + 1 week of delivery time for Switzerland. So you’re on time … !! For your logo, it is achievable, but take a minimum dimension of 25 mm. Sincerely soon.

Hello, I would like to know if you have seals (wax) representing the spirit of Brittany (Triskell, Hermine, etc …) Well cordially. Mr. LC Hello Mr. L C,
All my seals are made according to the wishes of my customers, By ordering a seal with logo, you can download a drawing file of the motif that interests you, I will be happy to do this work. Please receive my best wishes. See you soon,
Hello, Thank you for your reply! Would it be possible to create a seal with a Triskell motif? If so, what is your rate? Cordially.
Mr. LC re Hello, Yes, it is possible Deadline 3/4 days You can order in the BOUTIQUE of the site www.gravure-marseille.com Take in the desired diameter, seal with logo, and when the system asks to download the triskell file. Please accept my best regards.

Sir, I made a family monogram and I want to order a 25 mm seal to make my wax seals. Having failed to find the logo download tips and conditions to order a seal, I take tie with you before placing an order. Are there size / definition requirements for the image file that is the logo? Are there any conditions for black and white and any shades of gray? Are the pixels crenating the lines of the logo likely to influence the quality of the engraved design? Or will this disadvantage be ignored? To be precise, I am sending you a version in gray tones and a black and white version of my monogram. In case the realization does not pose a problem, thank you to confirm the price, so that my order is not erroneous (brass seal for wax seal, diameter 25mm). Thank you for your attention. V. C.
Hello Mr. C. Thank you for visiting www.gravure-marseille.com Today the workshop is open because it is the opening of the Journées des Métiers d’Art, so I am able to answer you from my workshop, Your monogram is very well balanced and I will be happy to engrave it on a seal. The ideal is to communicate to me the file in .eps vectorized format or if not a .jpg or .bmp but of a large size (1000 x 1000) so that I can remove the pixelation effect when reducing size. A B / W file is best. You can place an order in the SHOP of the site in the following article http://www.gravure-marseille.com/product_info.php?cPath=21_32&products_id=83 During your order the system will ask you to download the logo file, You will then send me the file adapted so that I can make you the seal. Please receive my best wishes.

Hello, I would like to buy a stamp in brass relief with the marking “Savon de Lyon” in an oval of about 3.5 by 2 cm. Could it be done quickly? At what price ? Thank you very much for your answer. Sincerely, P. K.

Hello, Thank you for visiting www.gravure-marseille.com I can do this to you. On the contrary the base will be round, Diam 35mm, and I will engrave in relief (2.00 mm) an oval of 35mmX20mm with inside the text “Savon de Lyon” on two rounded lines. The deadline is 3 days. Payment is made upon order. If you are interested, please let me know and I will send you a payment request by PAYPAL (secure payment) You will not fail to tell me a billing and shipping address. Please accept my best regards.

Hello what is the delay for a logo stamp? THANK YOU

Hello, The deadline is usually 3/4 days + postage (2 days)

Hello, We are creating lingerie and swimwear and we are in the process of making a packaging for our shops. (See enclosure) We would like to make the part in the shape of a silicone cam and for this we would need a mold in relief, so we thought to realize it in the form of seals. Is it possible? In anticipation of your reply, Sincerely, Mr.

Hello, Thank you for your contact and your visit on the site www.gravure-marseille.com Can you give me the dimension desired for the seal to realize and then I can tell you if I can realize it. Attention in the definitions Seal = intaglio for relief printing Relief stamp = Relief engraving for intaglio printing. Please confirm your interest in one or the other. Regards,

Hello, An acquaintance suggested to contact you to make me make a marker, to mark my pieces of wood and furniture coming out of the workshop. Could you tell me how much it would cost me to have a iron to mark hot (electric or fire), and hit if possible (I know it will be two different tools). I am sending you my logo, which will give you an idea, but it is possible that it is slightly modified for the seal … Wired or full? With or without name, the name has grown and the logo in the lead … all this remains to be seen. Tell me what information you would need to make an estimate … Thank you!

Hello Mr. P, Thank you for your contact. I can make your “Hot Brand” (electric). For the mark to be hit it must be made of tempered steel. (Brass will not resist strikes). For your logo, the wired is preferable with your most important text possible. The ideal size would be 25 mm Diameter. Sincerely soon

Hello, I would like to offer a seal to someone who lives in london.is it possible that you send it down? For the seal, then I send you the drawing by mail? How much do I need to count for the seal, wax, sending? Thank you Sincerely L. L.

Hello, Thank you for visiting www.gravure-marseille.com In the SHOP of the site you can make a simulation of order with shipping to London, you will be able to make your choice. For a seal with a design, choose the “Seal with logo” dimension. Regards

Hello I would like to know what materials the wax holds? I would like to sign aluminum panels on which digital images are printed. Would that be possible? Thanks G. P.

Hello, Thank you for visiting www.gravure-marseille.com I have been testing for one of my clients on shiny aluminum, the wax did not adhere. On the other hand, send me a small piece of the aluminum you use and I will try again. Regards,

Hello, I come back to you for a quote request. Before starting the production, I would have liked, if possible, that you give me a first feedback on the feasibility, the potential rendered of the seal. I try to contextualize. I would like to order 2 potter’s seals (2 different sizes). My sister is a Mosaic and her goal is to sign between two tesserae. The 2 sizes that interest me are therefore the 10mm and 15mm in the series of “brass stamp in relief”. As agreed, I submit the signature in question, in EPS format. For all intents and purposes, I also attach the illustator format. The drawing represents the engraving. I rely on your expertise for depth and nuances. For information, my sister uses lime and does not want edges (round or square). If the edges are a manufacturing constraint, it would instead opt for a square. One last piece of information. If the result is not suitable for my sister, can you send it back for modification / adjustment? (Not for refund, that’s what she really wants) Thank you very much and in advance for your advice, your expertise. I am at your disposal, by mail or by telephone for any further information. Best regards G. B.

Hello Mr. B. I was able to open your file, but I can not try because the version of recording is too recent. Please provide me the vectorized file and saved in Adobe Illustrator CS2 version. On the other hand, the small notches of the logo (I do not know if they will be realizable) will have difficulty to be visible in dimensions 10mm and 15 mm. … !! See you soon,

Hello Mr. Chaine, Thank you for this first return. I had my sister on the phone, so I take advantage of this mail to modify my original request.We would like the reverse if it is feasible. That is to say that the final impression is in relief (the brass stamp would be engraved of this form).And as the “printer shape” will be the contour of the print, if the shape of the stamp could be square (because the edges should be seen in this configuration …).The 2 sizes that interest us are the 10mm and 30mm. You will therefore find enclosed 2 EPS / vectorized files, 10mm and 30mm, and in CS2 format.If it is possible to consider the notches on the 30 mm, the 10 would not have (because too small, as you told me). Thank you in advance ! See you soon, G. B.
Hello, I was able to open and process both files, thanks. It is therefore two seals (engraving) One square of 10 x 10 mm The other square of 30 x 30 mm The engraving depth is 0.50 mm (deeper you will have difficulty to remove it without Encumber) The deadline is 4/5 days + posting deadlines (2 days) At the question : If the result is not suitable for my sister, can you send it back for modification / adjustment? (Not for refund, that’s what she really wants) My answer :It is not possible to resume work once the workpiece has been removed from the machine. A soon, regards
Good evening, Good. Thank you for the clarification. Compared to “your answer”, you could have recovered the brass to melt other templates (?) But anyway, I have my answer, thank you. At the depth of the engraving, my question was about the “shades” of depth and not the maximum. I thought that by avoiding the “right” angles, like the VolksWagen stamp (which has softened / rounded angles), one could obtain A more durable rendering (which disintegrates less rapidly on this type of material) and easier to use. Cf. the file I attached to you in EPS format. Does your MO allow you this type of machining? I will therefore order you all and wait for your Paypal payment request. Thank you ! Best regards G. B.

Good evening, Mr. B., Thank you for your intention to order your seals at my house. The VW buffer is a relief pad; The etching (removal of material) is carried out with a conical cutter with a very closed angle and with one end of the half cone which is about 0.30 mm. It is not a straight engraving, in any case it is necessary to have the remains to remove the seal of the material. Even with a corner cut with the finishing cutter (when it is a relief) the right angle is not, it has a radius minus the size of the end of the cutter (0.30 mm). On the other hand, the softened edge that you distinguish on the relief pad of VW is undoubtedly a natural wear due to the passage with the brush. When I engrave in relief, the edges are completely angular (they are not rounded). In the case of the work to be carried out, these are seals, therefore engraving. The edges of the engraving will be very angular. Please accept my best regards.

Hello, I call on your talent again, because I would like to have a seal realized on the occasion of my engagement to come.I was thinking of two English letters “J S” intertwined for Justine and Stephane, on a seal of 25mm.However, I would very much like to ask you what you propose for the wedding theme. Are there different shapes for stamps or specific decorations for the subject? Is it possible to pair the monogram with a symbol such as an alliance or a heart?I would be very grateful if you could send me a model and estimate if possible. Thank you for your attention to this request, I have the honor to present to you the expression of my respectful consideration, S. X.
Hello, Here is an attachment for a 25 mm seal. If you want to add a motif to your seal, you will have to choose a seal with logo + text and send me the logo file which seems to you appropriate.Please accept my cordial greetings.
Hello Mr. Chaine, Thank you for your answer. Looking at your website in detail, I noticed this package: “2 initials + date” that suits me well, always in 25mm. The stamp would therefore include “J S” with the date “xx – xx – xx”. However, would it be possible to use a finer and more slender drop cap? The example shown on your site at the following link corresponds well, with beautiful curves in the letters: http://www.gravure-marseille.com/product_info.php?cPath=21_33&products_id=86 In the hope of reading, I have the honor to present to you my best regards, S. X.

Hello, I will use the characters seen on the link you sent me. Regards,

Hello, Very well, I confirm therefore my order of the stamp of 25mm, 2 initials with the date as indicated before. Do I have to go back through the site to pay or can I send you a check which you will tell me the amount? Thank you in advance. Sincerely, S. X.

Hello, To order go to the BOUTIQUE of the site www.gravure-marseille.com, place your order and ask for a payment by check if you wish. (Extension extended by the postal exchange). best regards

Hello, I discovered your site randomly from my research on the Net regarding the engraving on clay. Signing my work with a metal stamp seduced me. I am sending you this mail first to make sure that you always practice this activity, and secondly to confirm the terms, fees and know the limits or constraints to respect, as well as the conditions of maintenance and durability. I have already set out the motive which I should like to see reproduced. It is rather thin, graphic (strokes 1 mm wide) and would hold on a surface of about 4 cm by 4. I gravitate clay tiles about 1 cm thick for the Finer and would appreciate that the “signature” could effectively sink down to 2 mm minimum. I thank you in advance for your reply. T. K.

Hello, Thank you for your contact, Yes I am still active ….. !! Send me your project and I will tell you the feasibility and will send you an estimate. The relief height that I practice is 2 mm. A sinking in 2 mm clay assumes that the base of the pad will mark the clay also … !! I think that a depression of 1.00 mm or 1.2 mm is sufficient. See you soon.

Hello, I would like to order the following item: Hot brand for wood 1,2,3 lines with frame Diam 20 mm [M20TXT-B txt] I can not communicate to you, on the online shop, the text that I would like to see inscribed on the mark. Can you tell me how I can do it. Here is what I would like (rounded): Abcde Abcde Text voluntarily modified (Font: Papyrus) Do you think it will be fairly readable? Would it be possible to receive it before March 6? Thanks in advance. C. B.

Hello, Thank you for your contact. Attached is the project. To order, you must enter the text when the system asks you, After selecting the item, click on “Text to insert”. A new window opens and you can enter your text. Sincerely soon

Hello; I would like to know the conditions for a seal of a foreign company, do we need an authorization to seal and how many days can we have it? Thank you.

Hello, There are no special conditions to make a seal of a foreign company. The delay for a shipment in France is 2 days + 2 days of delivery time. For foreign countries the delay is 2 days + 8 days of delivery time. You can find in the BOUTIQUE of the site www.gravure-marseille.com the elements necessary for your order. Regards,

Hello, I acknowledge good reception of your mail. HERBIN wax is a hard wax to seal, it is a brittle wax that is used by the professions of justice or the gendarmerie to justify the non opening of the appraised pieces. Some traditional wax lovers prefer it. To put on envelopes it is best to use the HERBIN wax for small gun with the small application gun. You will find these articles in the BOUTIQUE of the site www.gravure-marseille.com by clicking this link: http://www.gravure-marseille.com/boutique.php?cPath=38_23 Bien cordialement,

Hello, We would like to create a handmade soap factory and we are looking for a supplier who can create stamps for manually stamping soaps (100 g) at the exit of the extruder from the perfume titles they contain (eg violet, mimosa, Etc …) in a style of font while curves and curves imitating a manual calligraphy. What would be the cost of producing about 20 units? In advance, thank you for your reply. Best regards. E. B.

Hello, I can engrave embossed brass pads (2.00 mm) for your perfumes. I will be able to use the typeface that you will indicate to me, and present to you a Good to Pull before engraving. Sincerely soon

Hello, I would like a quote to order a seal with two letters: C and G. This and to put back the envelopes for the invitations of our wedding, and on the menus of tables. What size do you recommend? Can you email me a sample please? Have you got the burgundy wax? This and for about 150 seals, how many wax sticks do we need? How much are the shipping costs for Australia? Thank you in advance for your assistance. V.

Hello, Here are two projects. I showed you the 20 and 25 mm. The 20 mm may suffice. For the wax you need 1 small wax gun Maximum 5 wax blister Bordeaux for 150 wax seals. You can order directly in the BOUTIQUE of the website www.gravure-marseille.com The shipping costs for Australia are: xxx euros (Calculated automatically at the end of the order) Sincerely soon

Hello, I am looking for a buffer in hollow but for wood. I make wooden toys and would like to put my mark on it. Do you think your stamps would be strong enough for that or do you know or I could find this type of product? Sincerely, B. D.

Hello, Thank you for your contact, You talk to me about a hollow buffer !! This is undoubtedly the result on the wood that you wish to see marked in hollow, To realize this it is necessary a relief pad. My brass relief pads are not made to knock on the wood, they will not resist. But on the other hand I can mount the relief mark on a heating iron, and you can then mark your objects by burning. See in the BOUTIQUE of the site www.gravure-marseille.com http://www.gravure-marseille.com/laiton-relief.html And more precisely: http://www.gravure-marseille.com/product_info.php?cPath=52&products_id=185 A soon, Regards,

Hello, Thank you for your reply that really interests me. On the other hand can realize something other than letters for example a small drawing (my logo) and below the name of my company. And in what form do you need the model? Sincerely, B. D.

Hello, Yes, of course, I can quite etch a logo and text. The maximum dimension is: Diameter 25 mm. You will be able to send me a .eps vector file. The delay is 8 days, Payment is made by order, by check or by PAYPAL (secure payment) Sincerely soon.

Hello, I am looking for a small diameter seals to connect a string fixed on our menus. On this seal must be our CR logo. The “r” is registered in the “C” as on our site www.xxxxx.com. Can you make 15 mm diameter seals? Is there black wax? I thank you.

Hello, Thank you for your contact, Your seal is quite achievable. Yes, there is black wax. For moderate use you can choose the small wax gun and the blister of black wax of 6 sticks of 7 mm of diameter (6x7g = 42g) For a more important use There is the professional wax gun and the box of 770 g of black wax (32 sticks of 12 mm of diameter) You can place your order on the site www.gravure-marseille.com in the SHOP section. Sincerely soon.

Hello I would like to know if it is possible to make a seal with as a drawing a mapemonde to seal my wedding thank you very much

Hello, Miss L. Thank you for visiting www.gravure-marseille.com Yes this work is possible, In the SHOP of the site. A minimum seal size of 25 mm is required. Choose “Seal with logo”, and download the file “World map” you own. Best regards

Hello, We are a company and we would like to buy the product below. However we have no other means of payment than the check. Is it possible to receive from you a quote with this product and to return it signed with the corresponding check so that you can send us the parcel? Looking forward to your reply cordially. SEAL 20 mm 1 first name + WAX GUN + WAX STARS [KIT201PR txt]

Hello, Thank you for visiting www.gravure-marseille.com You will find attached the quote requested. Looking forward to serving you, Sincerely,

Hello, I would like to know how long it takes to create a seal for wax seal with my logo from the moment you receive all the necessary (payment, logo and info)? Thank you in advance for your answer. Sincerely, F. K.
Hello, Thank you for your contact. The delay is 3/4 days + 2 days of postage (colissimo followed). cordially

Hello, thank you for your answer. I would also like to know how it goes to put my logo on it, do I have to send my logo in pdf with a particular resolution or do I have to pre-frame it in the format of my choice and send it to you? If ever it is not complicated to realize because it is composed of three traits. Sincerely, F. K.
Hello, To send me your logo, save a .pdf file, with the logo as big as possible, then I will have the size by the seal that you will order me.When ordering, you will be prompted to download this .pdf file. Sincerely soon

Sir, I am sending this mail to you for the following reason:I wish to acquire a seal and wax in order to seal a mystical testament with a view to its delivery to a notary. Could you tell me the tariff to acquire a seal and wax with the shipping charges. Sincerely and best wishes for 2011 M. S.
Hello Mr. S. You will find all this information in the BOUTIQUE of the site www.gravure-marseille.com http://www.gravure-marseille.com/boutique.php A soon, Best regards

Hello, I would like to have some information about your seals. First of all it would be possible to have an estimate + the final image for the following 2 seals: – a round seal (20mm) with the initials A and C, slightly interspersed if possible – a round seal (25mm) with the first names A ………… & C …… .. (written in round if possible). Also I would like to know how much wax it takes to make about 50 seals. Thank you A. D.

Hello, Thank you for visiting www.gravure-marseille.com Attached are various projects as requested. The letter “Anglaise” is hardly rounded, its already bent pace lends itself poorly to this shaping. To make 50 seals you need 2 blister of 6 wax sticks. You can place your order on the site www.gravure-marseille.com in the SHOP section. Shipping time 2/3 days Delivery time: 2 days (Colissimo followed) Sincerely soon.

Good evening, I would like to know if it is possible to create a seal for wax with only the initials, from a typography I already have? By sending the file? Thanks in advance. V. C.

Hello Mr. C. Thank you for visiting www.gravure-marseille.com Yes I can use your typography, You must then choose in the SHOP of the site “seal with logo” During the order you will be asked to download the drawing file. Sincerely soon,

Hello Sir, I need some information about the fabulous seals you make. I wanted to know if for a seal with logo, provided by pdf, 30mm (or 25mm), if the 30mm are usable or if there is a margin on which one can not put graphic element. I would like to make a seal with my logo in the middle and with a contour in relief at the edge of the seal. Something that would look like the image attached. (I was wrong on the visualization, the logo is not in relief) Is it possible ?

This seal with its outline (http://www.gravure-marseille.com/sceaux/sceau-fortunes-de-mer.jpg) seems to indicate that this is possible, but maybe there is a very small margin (Which I will take into account if necessary in my pdf) On the pdf do you need cuts marks?

And I also wanted to know the lead times of manufacture and delivery (Paris Region) of a seal once the order has passed. Thank you very much and congratulations for your fantastic work. Y. C. Hello, Mr C. Thank you for visiting www.gravure-marseille.com …….. ……… and your encouragement !!! The margin to be left free is systematically 1.00 mm (that is to say that the surface etchable on a 30 mm diameter seal is reduced to a diameter of 28 mm). I do not need cutting marks Please make a “.pdf” so that I can retrieve the drawing as a vector file. Do not draw too fine lines, because you have to take into account the engraving (my tool has a thickness …) and especially think about the demolding of the wax …. !! The delivery deadlines are 4/5 days + 2 days of port (Colissimo followed). Sincerely soon

I seek for my grandson, for the Christmas, a buffer and wax stick of the MEDIUM-AGE with a GRIFFON and a CROWN. Is it possible for you to answer me quickly? I thank you.

Hello, Thank you for visiting www.gravure-marseille.com You have to send me the desired patterns by e-mail, I will send you an estimate.Regards


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