Sticks of sealing wax


Sticks of sealing wax

Wax for seal, all colors, private and professional. Several possible qualities, adapted packaging.

Sticks of sealing wax There are 4 products.


  • Sticks for wax gun

    Wax for small wax gun for easy wax seals. Many colors are available. Products for individuals and professionals.

  • Wax gun - small

    Small wax gun, with a power of 10 W, allowing to heat the sealing wax in stick of diameter 8 mm. Easy handling, successful wax seals.

  • Wax gun professional

    For a more important use, the wax gun professional allows of: - tune the temperature of the wax heater, - tune the quantity of wax deposited during the support on the trigger. recommended for the realization of important quantities of seal stamp. Important wax choice for pistol professional.

  • Sophiticated wax seal

    Hard traditional wax. For use in the flame. Realizations of seals and reconstructions of stamps wax during an expertise. Breakable wax during the breaking of seals.

  • Sealing wax candle format

    Boxes of 5 wax sticks with "Favorite" drill This wax illustrates the aspect under which kings used the wax. She appears in case thermoformed with a separation for each of the sticks to protect them better ..

  • Sealed flash

    Sealed flash for easy realization of wax stamps 

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items