Brass stamp in relief diameter 20 mm


Stamp brass relief 2,3 initials Diam 20mm

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Stamp brass diameter 20mm, base brass thickness 15 mm, wooden handle varnished, with nail gilded to adjust the apposition during the realization of the imprint. Engraving 2 or 3 intials with or without frame.

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Brass stamp, known as "large relief", 2.00 mm diameter 20 mm, brass base 15 mm thick, lacquered wooden handle, with golden nail to adjust the apposition when making the impression.
Engraving of 2 or 3 initials in English letters slightly interlaced with or without frame.
The brass plug is more particularly intended, thanks to its relief of 2.00 mm of the engraving, to print a signature or "claw" in hollow on soft materials like clay, soap, or any other materials that can receive it.
Metallic stamping quality is also advised by the veterinary inspection services to stamp the carcasses of meat.

This stamp is manufactured at the request of the customer, and it is unique. The engraving is done using a conical tungsten carbide cutter running at 25000 rpm, the end of which is measured under a microscope, the accuracy is 1/100 mm. The importance of the relief makes it easy to read. The attention paid to the strict respect of the rules of the Art during each realization is a pledge to obtain a stamp of quality. Its individual composition is carried out according to the prescriptions received.

The normal manufacturing time is 5 to 6 days, but on request, shipping can be done faster. It is also necessary to allow 7 days for delivery by Colissimo International Suivi.

Sending a custom project and "Good To Pull" on simple request and after validation of the order.

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