Sealed flash


Sealed flash


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Sealed flash. Breakable hard red wax. Limp with 30 stamps ready to receive the seal.

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41,20€ tax incl.

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Box with 30 seals 30 mm  diameter of official wax, inviolable and breakable hard wax, to facilitate the application of your seals. Usable with seals of a maximum size 30 mm in diameter. The ideal is a seal 25 mm or 30 mm in diameter. The application can be horizontal or vertical. The realization of the seal is looked after because the just quantity of necessary wax is used.

  1. Remove the protection of the adhesive 3M in the back of the wax pastille and apply to the support (take care adhesive non detachable).
  2. Warm the surface of the wax 4/5 seconds by means of a lighter mini-blowtorch ( reduced flame).
  3. Apply firmly the stamp to the wax, then remove after a few seconds

advices of use: before every use, cross the surface of the stamp on the small cushion of antiadhesive product which is inside the tape.
The imprint and the protection of your stamp brass are guaranteed.