Gun heating wax small

Gun heating wax small


Gun for heating wax for seal.


Gun for heating wax for seal.
Pack from manufacturer J. Wax Herbin creative leisure France. 10 W ( 220 Volts, 50 Hz ), easy application because perfect mastery of the heating temperature.

It's the ideal tool for a regular use. It allows the wax to run in oder to make the seals one by one.
1. This gun can be used to make seals on all surfaces : paper, wood, plastic, material, cardboard...
2. This gun can also be used to elaborate different shapes and transfers.
What you ought to know

1. Wax liquifies above 85°C and should not be used on objects that would not resist to such temperature.
2. Surfaces should be free from grease, clean and dry.
3. Unplug the gun if not in use for more than thirty minutes.
4. After having changed of wax stick, wait for a moment for warming it up.Don't force stick inside.
5. Little bits of wax can be removed with a previously heated knife.
Wax drops can easily be removed when cold.
6. Pressing the wax stick too hard can block the conduit. In this case, heat up the gun for ten minutes and take out the stick.If it's too far inside, take another one, let melt one end on the gun nozzle and insert in the conduit, sticking it to the one inside, then pull out with slight rotation.
Instructions for use
1. Introduce the wax stick through the collar at the back of the gun.
2. Place the gun on a piece of cardboard or wood.
3. Plug in. Let warm for 7 to 10 minutes pressing the trigger, from time to time so that the wax stick can progress inside (if necessary place a second wax stick).
4. Gently press the trigger to apply the wax to one of the surfaces to be sealed. Il is not necessary to spread the wax.
5. Immediately, firmly press the steal stamp.
6. Unplug when operation completed.
7. After 2 minutes the seal is perfectly formed.



Wax Gun

How to use the wax gun

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